I have been asked by MANY of my customers how I keep my Mohair smelling so wonderful?


My solution(besides SUPER clean fleece), these wonderful Baby Powder scented fresheners! I keep these in with my stock items when they are stored. No fuss! Simply open the plastic packaging(do not remove the plastic) and toss them in with your items. They last a VERY long time, I probably only change mine every 3-4 months.

WARNING: Because of the strength of the fragrance they could cause issues for those with fragrance sensitivities, so please take note of this. I thought they would make a great addition to your box openings, to keep baby smelling fresh on their journey to Mommy.


This listing includes 1 Freshener and 1 Sachet Presentation bag of your color choice for the price listed. Colors Available are Cream, Tan, Light Blue, Lilac, Dark Teal and Gray. Please use the drop down menu for your color choice and quantity.


When using the fresheners with the sachet bag you will have the option of removing the protective plastic cover from the freshener and inserting it into the bag and cinching down the top. I DO NOT ever recommend placing the sachet directly on top of items that you are packaging your dolls with or direct contact with the doll itself. Please take care and place a barrier between items and the sachet bag (Example: Tissue Paper). 

Baby Scented Freshener w/Sachet Presentation Bag